Why Choose SSP for your School?

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In todays society and ever growing population of students in the school systems it is vital to have the most up to date and accurate information for your students and parents / guardians. SSP offers the only full solution to these challenges. With SSP teachers and staff members can access vital information for students and guardians to further ensure their safety. The information captured by SSP gives you the power to know what’s going on and add a level of accountability like never before. Ensure your students safety with Safer School Pro today!

Every child enrolled has a form to fill out in the office of all persons authorized to pick up the child from school. This permission form is signed by the primary guardian(s) whether biological or appointed by the court system. All individuals are put into a data base on SSP, then automatically SSP assigns a permanent, unique QR code to that person(s). When the authorized person arrives at school, the QR code is scanned by an iPad that is connected via Wi-Fi to the file server where the software resides. Within two seconds , the person is not only identified by a photo, but a list of all the students that has been authorized is displayed on the screen. At that point , the staff member simply chooses the child or children to be picked up by taping on the child’s name and hitting the submit button. Immediately the child’s name is displayed on a screen in the area where the children are awaiting to be picked up. Once the child or children get into the correct vehicle  the staff member taps on the screen and SSP documents the date and time as well as who picked the child up from school. 


During enrollment of the child, a photo is taken of the authorized person(s) using an iPad. This is a simple one-step process. The image is stored on the file server and is linked to the parents unique QR code and a list of children they are authorized to pick up. Other photos for authorized persons to pick up a child can be easily loaded into the system via email. We have found over the years this photo data base can be useful in many other ways.


SSP provides the ability to list all bus drivers by name/or bus number. SSP has a simple one click bus option on the home screen, form here the user can look up a bus number from a list. Bus number, Driver and drivers cell phone number is stored as well as the ability to buses route. SSP give you the option to quickly print a bus pass or passenger list all while keeping changes stored in the SSP history. Printed bus passes can be given to the bus driver so that the driver knows the child’s name and exact location in which the child is to be delivered. 

Immediate, and accurate communication is vital to a educational institution. When custody of children changes or whan parents choose to add or remove authorized individules to the pick-up list, information is stored on the SSP server and communicated immediately to those who need to know. With SSP you no longer have to worry about staff knowing what to do or who to allow the take children in the afternoon. This level of communication and accountability is vital in todays school systems. 

This feature of SSP gives the office staff the ability to scan a state ID and pull name and address into the SSP database in seconds. This system will allow the staff member to discreetly see if this person is ok to be on the school grounds, print ID badges, and document the person arriving at the school by date and time it also keeps a photo record of the person stored in the SSP database. 

SSP keeps all the valuable history files of all actions completed with in the program, these files are stored on the server indefinitely or until they are manually deleted. Authorized users can access these records at any time.