Advanced Student Management Software

Safer School Pro offers the industries only instant parent/guardian identity solution. With SSP you no longer have to worry about the risks of turning a child over to the wrong person.

Ensure your student's safety with Safer School Pro today!

SSP was originally created to solve major issues plaguing schools across the country. Student Pick up and Drop offs can be some of the most stressful and dangerous times in a school day. SSP developed the only automated pick-up / drop-off management software in 2013. Over the years SSP added many other features to further ensure the safety of students in many different ways. 

SSP is easy to use and helps keep students safe

Safer School Pro offers elementary and middle schools an advance student management software solution. Designed by educators, SSP is a user-friendly online school management software that is a completely integrated tool adding a new level of safety and organization for any institution.

Track students, parents, and visitors

 Track all persons entering and exiting the school quickly, print ID badges, and keep records of everyone that has been inside your school. Instantly check against the National sexual predators database to keep students safe.

Get amazing support

Every SSP authorized user has access to our program/system set up team. As well as training and live technical support and our exclusive SSP mobile app.

SSP was developed to seamlessly integrate with Infinite Campus. This allows the initial set up process of SSP to be done extremely fast with less work than you might think. Our support team can help you get set up every step of the way.

Safer School Pro

With robust tools and seamless integration with your current system software SSP is a must have for all levels of educational institutions in the U.S. Watch the video below to learn more.

Safe School Pro is a powerful communications tool for teachers, with our robust parent communications tool, Teacher can send custom individual email messages & alerts or broadcast email messages & alerts.

school buses

Manage bus lines, check-outs and check-ins quicker then you thought possible with SSP. The software also gives you the ability to track bus locations and students entering and exiting the bus instantly.

police car

With SSP the teacher and staff have the ability to discreetly alert all staff members of an institution instantly when a dangerous situation arises. Dispatch police, fire and EMT services quickly and efficiently like never before with Safe School Pro.


SSP is more affordable then you might think, through careful considerations we have developed a very simple pricing structure that scales to your schools size. We do not charge set up fees or admin fees. Our process is very straight forward.

Fill out the info below and one of our representatives will contact you with pricing and set up your free online demo to see if Safer School Pro is right for your educational institution.